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All cases are different. Because of that, fees vary for each case. Fees also vary based on the attorney you consult with. The financial burden a family can experience when you or a loved one is charged with a criminal offense can be stressful and overwhelming. However, hiring an attorney to represent you or loved one in criminal court is an important step in protecting your rights. Although the cost of the attorney is a consideration, make sure you take all factors into consideration when possible.

If you are charged with a Felony, you must attend all court hearings. You must be on time and stay in court until the Judge calls your case. If you are charged with a misdemeanor, your attorney can appear on your behalf pursuant to Pena Code section 977. The only time you must appear in Court is if your attorney requests your presence or the Judge orders your presence.

No. An attorney cannot make any guarantees that your case will resolve in a certain way. Any type of a statement is a violation of the Professional Rules of Conduct. An attorney can advise you based on his or her experience how your case may resolve, but no guarantees can ever be made.

I hear this question more than I would like to admit. The simple answer is no. Failure to state Miranda warnings is not a get out of jail free card like television portrays. The issue of failure to provide Miranda warnings only comes into play if a suspect is (1) being interrogated and (2) the suspect is not free to leave. If a Court determines that a suspect was not Mirandized when both criteria are met, the Court can suppress the statement made by the suspect. If the suppression of the statement leads to insufficient evidence to prosecute than the District Attorney may dismiss the case at its own request.


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